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Welcome to Have A PainFree Body

We provide help to those who are suffering with back pain, stress, anxiety, sporting injuries, occupational injuries, muscle and joint pain. We use a variety of revolutionary techniques to resolve pain by working on your muscles, ligaments, tendons, fascia and nerves.

Whether your pain is recent, long-term or reoccurring, we can help you at clinics in West Malling and Tunbridge Wells, in Kent.

Our approach

Professional, friendly and highly equipped service to help with Back Pain and other muscle and joint pain/discomforts. We pride ourselves in using advance and revolutionary soft tissue therapy techniques and movement therapy to resolve postural issues, pain and related stress, anxiety or depression.

We apply a holistic (whole body) approach, our Mission is to help;

*Individuals get back to health and enjoy their personal lives, family lives and/or work/business lives                                                                                                                                                   *Employers improve employees’ wellbeing, hence reduce their time off work and improve productivity.

Once we have investigated the issues through the assessments and pain history, a personalized treatment programme is put together, and discussed with the individual. So they are aware of the findings and the corresponding proposed plan of action explained. Our successful results are based on resolving the pain as well as the source(s) of the pain using a combination of techniques and therapies. We educate individuals on how they can improve their quality of life during treatment phase, as well as post-treatment phase.

How is pain affecting your life? Ready to start the journey to pain freedom?


We are here to;

  • Listen.

  • Investigate.

  • Provide personalized treatments to suit individual needs.

Professional memberships

* FA - My England Football
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Other Associations

*Larkfield Football Club 

*Sheppy United Football Club

*One Dance UK

*Romford Buccaniers Ice Hockey Team


Treatment Phases


We seek to understand your pain experiences at the time of contacting us, as well as any other relevant past pain experiences or injuries.  Conversation is the best way to understand the challenges you are facing due to your pain, also for you to learn how we will get you the results you want.


 Treatment starts after completion of assessments and after a personalized treatment programme has been created. The treatment programme is based on all findings of the assessments and a holistic treatment approach. The types of assessments include postural, movement and areas of pain. The treatment is for the areas of pain as well as the source(s) of that pain


Maintaining a good state of health is important in order to remain pain-free. Whether this is done at home on regular basis by attending the clinic. The post-treatment care could involve any or some of the following; Movement therapy, core strengthening regime, stress and anxiety threrapy

Archaeological Sketch

My son, (12 years old), had been suffering with ankle pain and back pain for about (2 years), when a friend recommended Manny to me for treatment. The problems started when he injured his ankle while playing football. He then started receiving treatments with a Chiropractor. Despite going to the Chiropractor every 2 weeks for (2 years), he was always complaining about the pain with his ankle and back pain.
At the first session, Manny asked questions about the history of the injury and his symptoms. He then started applying soft tissue treatment therapy and movement techniques. After about 4 sessions my son started enjoying playing football, and stopped complaining about his ankle and back pain, which he had said was troubling him throughout the day at school. He was given movement exercises to do at home, which were easy for him to do. Manny also recommended footwear that would be better for him to wear.
This was a fantastic result, my son has a much better quality of life. I would recommend Manny for treatment of similar pain.


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Providing well-being services in West Malling, Kent.

Tel: 07739386155

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