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Dorn Therapy

*The treatment starts with the assessment of client leg length. If there is any discrepancy, this is corrected by gently moving and applying light pressure on the hip joint while client is laying on the bed.

*The treatment of Knees and Ankles should then follows with the same principles: Gentle pressure towards the Joint while moving it from a bent to a more straight position.

*The pelvis misalignments are assessed, and are corrected in standing position, if needed. Followed by the lumbar vertebrae and lower thoracic columns, also while standing.

*Then the upper thoracic vertebrae are checked, corrected if necessary, and finally the cervical vertebrae, usually in a sitting position.

*The treatment often is continued by the controlling and correction of other joints like the shoulders, elbow, hands and others like the jaw or collarbone.

*The basic principles during the correction is always the same: The patient is in a dynamic, ‘moving‘ action while the bones are guided back into proper position by encouraging natural self re-alignment.

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