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Anatomy in Motion

Anatomy in Motion - AiM therapy is based on principles of muscle and joint movements as part of one system (the body). 


During movement (both fundamental and sporting activities), the joints, ligaments and muscles in your body have a role to play and everything is dependent on all other parts being capable of doing their job to function optimally. When your body reduces movement to protect something, say due to previous injury for example, it exposes other areas which can become at risk of tissue injury – this may or may not be at the site of pain.

Most therapies concentrate on stabilising structures. Principles of AiM recognise  that movement is ever present in the system so why stabilise what should be mobilised? All joints move in concert with each other but they somehow lose their way over the years, most likely due to life style choices, unbalanced postural or movement habits, effects of past or present muscle or joint injuries.

Our bodies were designed to move, the goal of AiM is to create an environment in which the muscles and joints move happily and in harmony, just as naturally intended.

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