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Business Growth Workforce Health Check

Business Growth Workforce Health Check is a programme where we collaborate with employers to help reduce employee absenteeism due to pain. 

The issues could be pertaining to any physical pain. Back Pain, Joint pain for example ankle pain, knee pain, hip pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, elbow pain, wrist pain. 

The programme involves providing therapy for pain, psychological conditions (such as stress, anxiety, depression, and maintaining health and wellness through post-treatment care and advice.

The overall therapy process is through 3 main phase, Assessment, Treatment and Post-treatment care.

The treatments can take place at one of the clinics located in Tunbridge Wells, West Malling or at a clinic located near the place of work, for convenience.

We always follow a holistic approach for treatments (treating the whole body, including the source of pain, rather than just the site of pain).

NB: There is no use of surgery, no use of medication, no use of injections.

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