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Joint Pain Rehabilitation 

Therapist admistering treatment for back pain. Get back pain relief.

Back Pain

There are many causes of back pain. Whatever the cause, we can help.

Relievng wrist pain, due to repetitive strain injury, or sporting injury.

Wrist Pain

Repetitive strain injury or otherwise.

Relieving foot pain. Treatments of foot pain.

Foot Pain

Planter-fascitis or other foot/toe pain.


 Knee Pain

Treatment of knee pain.

Treaments of ankle pain, providing ankle pain relief.

Ankle Pain

Ankle strains/sprains.

Treatments for hip pain. Hip pain relief.

 Hip Pain

Treatment of hip pain.

Treatments for shoulder pain and treatments for neck pain. Providing neck pain relief, providing shoulder pain relief.

Neck & 

Shoulder Pain

Most of the time one leads to the other, but can also have separate causes.

Pain in elbow.Treatmetnts for Golfer's elbow.



You need to play golf to have golfer's elbow. Its a condition that can affect anyone.

Treatments for Pain in elbow. Providing treatments for Tennis Elbow.



You need to play tennis to have tennis elbow. Its a condition that can affect anyone.

Treatments of jaw pain.

Jaw pain,

tension headaches

Pain in the jaw muscles can be a caused by stress, grinding teeth.

Treatments of tingling of fingers, or treatmets of numbness of fingers.

Numbness and tingling of fingers

Can be due to irritation of nerves.

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